Understanding Positive Retraction


Video created by: Kyle Rogers

The best solution is, of course, prevention. The use of a wedge lock with positive retraction will prevent the disaster that is caused by a stuck segment. The SolidWedge™ design, where each segment is connected to its adjacent segments, inherently provides positive retraction. When the drive screw is turned counterclockwise, the threaded drive wedge is retracted which in turn pulls each of the connected segments down to its released position. Other designs have attempted to assist in the retraction of each segment, but the frictional forces involved that hold a segment after it has been inserted using hundreds of pounds of force can not be expected to be retracted by spring tension.

In today’s critical applications, where access to computer modules and instant field replaceability are crucial to successful system operations, it makes sense to eliminate the threat of stuck segments and the resulting non-extractable circuit boards.

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